Gled-Airiin Saarso was born in Estonia, a small corner of land washed by the sea, situated in North-East Europe country and with a population of 1.3 million people. The year was 1966 and Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union, the borders were closed and dreams were the only ones to take her to distant places. 

Arts and crafts, patchwork and recycling have been her fellows from childhood.

Gled-Airiin graduated from Tallinn University, majoring in arts and crafts and has been teaching art and art history until today. She is currently a lecturer of creative subjects in Tallinn University Pedagogical Seminar.

As a founding member of the Estonian Quilting Association, Gled-Airiin has been participating in their annual exhibition since 1992. Her personal exhibition - “Brooch roses” - has been exhibited thrice in different towns of Estonia.

Anna- Helena Saarso, the daughter of Gled-Airiin was born in 1993 already in independent Estonia. The two of them have had the opportunity to explore and collect emotions and knowledge of the patterns of different nations on their common journeys to different countries. Anna-Helena took up handicraft from an early age growing beside her mother. In 2006 she began creating jewelry, constantly discovering new techniques and materials.

During high school Anna-Helena exhibited her first personal exhibition: a collection of luxurious jewelry sets created from recycled vintage costume jewelry. She also created three fashion collections, winning three high school fashion shows. The majority of clothes were made out of recycled fabrics, hand-dyed with rust, coffee and tea.

Anna-Helena is currently studying physics in Tartu University, as science has always been another passion of hers.

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